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When you dream of high quality extra virgin olive oil & happiness with the food* , this is your place!

* Get that feeling of joy and connection with your true being and the deliciousness of food, with lightness, delight and gratitude (no guilt, no overeating, no rush).

The beginning

Sense of Mediterranean – bringing that genuine feeling of lavish sun, endless sea, glittering olive trees, exuberant perfumes, and very generous flavors and smiles – was a guiding star when creating My Pure Olive. Could there be a way to have that sensation of joy and abundance, living hundreds of kilometers away from the azure sea?


The answer came in 2016 when life took me to beautiful lake Garda in Italy, in the picturesque village of Toscolano Maderno, without even imagining what is about to evolve. Driven by curiosity and a persistent desire to dive deeper into the unknown world of the liquid gold, while I was still working as an executive in a big food multinational, I joined my first professional olive oil masterclass lead by my first olive teachers, Maria Paola Gabusi (O’live Italy, Leone D’oro International olive oil contest) and Antonio Giuseppe Lauro (EVO IOOC). It proved to be a life changing experience, which gave the answer “yes” and brought My Pure Olive to life in 2018.


As Nikos Kazantzakis said “You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint the paradise, then in you go.” With passion and desire to grow, an inspiration for others.


Indeed, these last 7 years have been a gift, to be cherished and shared together with a bigger community of people – acquiring new olive oil knowledge and transmitting it with overflowing joy, travelling and meeting incredible humans – producers, teachers, supporters, enthusiasts open to share their know-how and experiences, trying new local delicacies and making own interpretations at home, getting to know and tasting fascinating olive cultivars and extra virgin olive oils from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Cyprus, and ultimately bringing new extra virgin olive oil enthusiasts to our growing community of lovers of genuine food and pure flavors from Nature.

Let’s start painting our life…

Anna Petkova

Creator of My Pure Olive 

About Anna

Anna was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, not by luscious olive groves and under the radiant Mediterranean sun, yet she has always felt like that – a loving force for her to begin exploring the exciting world of the olive elixir in the past 1o years, at first as a hobby, and later as a professional path. Her love for Nature and flow with its rhythm, biodiversity and genuine flavor, simple and seasonal food, local communities and authentic products, respect and care for our bodies, took her on a holistic journey how food could be our medicine. She is an ambassador of Mediterranean diet and Intuitive food and aspires more people to experience genuine and connecting happiness with flavor and food.


Less is more has evolved as a guiding life philosophy and enabled Anna to make a step change after 23 years of life-enriching corporate experience at executive business and marketing roles in Bulgaria, Russia and the Adriatic region. 

Her devotion to the highest quality and authentic flavor remained, and expanded from cocoa and chocolate, coffee and cereals to artisanal wine and EVOO.


Anna is a certified olive oil sommelier by the International Culinary Center & Olive Oil Times Education Lab program in New York, opening new horizons for her passion of EVOO and food pairing. She has successfully completed 3 international masterclasses for tasters by O’live Italy and Maria Paola Gabusi (panel leader of Aipol2), among them one dedicated to the Italian cultivars’ biodiversity led by Barbara Alfei (scientist and panel leader of ASSAM). Anna continuously develops her knowledge about mastery of high quality EVOO on spot in the Mediterranean – in the olive grove and in the mill with experts, and artisanal producers devoted to the highest quality and employing innovative extraction technologies.


Her educational platform My Pure Olive was first to open the doors to the fascinating world of EVOO in Bulgaria, by organizing tasting and masterclasses along with food pairing thematic events. With DiVinoTaste (the renowned forum for Bulgarian wine) the first olive oil masterclass was organized in Bulgaria in 2018. Anna is an olive oil guest lecturer at HRC Culinary Academy Sofia (for professional chefs) and an educator at Food Connection cooking school (for enthusiasts). In collaboration with Bacchus – the established magazine for wine & gourmet culture, her educational monthly column “Artichoke and Olive oil” has contributed to growing the EVOO culture in Bulgaria. 


In 2021 Anna released her first e-book “Sun & Olive Oil – stories and recipes about fascinating flavors of the Mediterranean” with focus on artisanal EVOO, its uniqueness, biodiversity and food pairing with seasonal food. She collaborates with EVA magazine, #1 for lifestyle in Bulgaria, sharing knowledge about high quality EVOO as health and beauty carrier, along with her Mediterranean gastronomic traveling experiences.

Anna has participated as speaker on the importance of local food and olive oil as cultural and gastronomic heritage in two international forums, FoodTrex Thessaloniki’19 and Elia Lesvos ConFest’22. She holds WSET Level 2, Award in wine & spirits, London. She is part of the jury of the Bulgarian Aeropresschampionship’22 for specialty coffee.

As an avid explorer and curious flavor catcher Anna will guide you in the magical world of high quality EVOO and authentic flavor for lasting multisensorial experiences. And if you decide to make a step further – into a lifestyle of elaborated simplicity and joy, of gentle and responsible selfcare. “Choose the best, custom will render it easy and agreeable”, the words of Pythagoras are full of life and meaning still today.

Let’s start discovering the fascinating world of EVOO and flavorful food together…

Our community

We welcome you for a win–win and enjoyable journey, to convey knowledge and learn, to dream and grow together!

Food and olive oil enthusiasts

(gastro enthusiasts, gourmet seekers and healthy caring for self & others, e.g. moms with & their kids)

EVOO producers


(chefs & chefs-to-be, nutritionists, sportspeople, food & lifestyle bloggers/vloggers, journalists, retailers, importers, distributors)

Our values

Little pleasures

Joy for the eyes & all senses, treats for body & soul, discovering novel flavorful experiences

Care for self & Nature

Close & responsible to self & Nature, choosing local & seasonal food, no waste & agricultural sustainability

Less is more

Making informed & more conscious choices for a lifestyle of balance & simplicity; eating less, clean & better

Our purpose

Growing the EVOO and food culture for happy and healthy life close to Nature

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